I am interested in creating a visual experience of the passage of time and the sense of impermanence...things moving, transforming, disassembling. I attribute my artistic perspective to my childhood relocations and immersions into different cultures. Born in Israel, I later immigrated to France and the United States.  My parents, grandparents and great-grandparents immigrated several times in their lifetimes as well. I believe these generational displacements and cultural shifts resulted in a genetic memory of the impermanence of time and place. 

Meicler’s layered pieces send whispers from a collection of moments and places and yet seem outside time. Over the years her work has moved away from the figurative and into the abstract, therefore letting go of narrative and gaining a timelessness. Not all form is lost however. Revi has realized that the organic best represents the flux she wants to communicate and she infuses her most recent work with botanical references. She incorporates geometric shapes that are a counterpoint to her natural forms, creating a conversation within the piece about movement and permanence. Revi’s technique of layering mediums also speaks to time and the act of creating, letting some things fall away and refocusing on others. She has learned patience and a trust to confidently infuse her paintings with negative space, creating a place for meditation. This balance between the calm and the active is one that is earned over many years through a dedication to exploration and contemplation. Much like her physical creation process, her work is a constant conversation with herself and our universal sense of existence. 
        _Rachel H. Stephens, 2019

Meicler studied business, finance and art at the University of Houston and continued her studies at the Glassell School of Art in Houston, Texas. Her work is in many private and public collections in Houston, Dallas, Chicago, Denver, and Los Angeles in the United States, in Madrid and Bilbao in Spain, and in Paris and Nice in France.  In 2018 she was a finalist in the visual arts category for the Austin Critics Table Awards and in 2019 four of her paintings were acquired by the Kendra Scott Jewelry Corporate collection.

Solo Exhibitions
2018   Wally Workman Gallery, Austin, TX
Group Exhibitions
2019  Spring Biennial, Spring Studios, Houston, TX
          Conversations on Culture, Sabine Studios, Houston, TX
2018  Wally Workman Gallery, Austin, TX
2017  EAST (the East Austin Studio Tour), Austin, TX
          Print Austin, Austin, TX
2016  Print Austin, Austin, TX
          People's Gallery, Austin City Hall, Austin, TX
          Davis Gallery, Austin, TX
          EAST (the East Austin Studio Tour), Austin, TX
2015   Metropolitan Gallery, Austin, TX 
          Art Hop 2015, Georgetown, TX
          Gallery at the J, Austin, TX
2014  Photo LA, photo use mixed media, Los Angeles, CA 
          People's Gallery, Austin City Hall, Austin,TX
          Up Collective, Exploration of the Nude, Austin, TX
          Davis Gallery, Austin, TX
2013  People's Gallery, Austin City Hall, Austin, TX
          Austin Visual Arts, Austin, TX 
2012  Art from the Ashes, Austin, TX  
2011  Resident Artist Group Exhibition, Big Medium, Austin, TX

Juried Exhibitions
2019  Butterfly Effect, Spring Studios, Houston, TX Juror: Yvonamor Palix
          People's Gallery, Austin City Hall, Austin, TX
2018  People's Gallery, Austin City Hall, Austin, TX
2016  People's Gallery, Austin City Hall, Austin, TX 
2015  Arthop 2015, Georgetown, TX
2014  People's Gallery, Austin City Hall, Austin, TX
          Explorations of the Nude, Austin, TX,  Juror: Clint Willour, Galveston Center
2013  People's Gallery, Austin City Hall, Austin, TX
2011  ArtSpace, Juror: Dr. Christopher Adejumo, The University of Texas